The Andersen Company recycles old rubber mats

Florida Tire Recycling Inc. (FTR) has entered into a partnership with The Andersen Company, whereby FTR will accept used flooring mats from Andersen and its clients and recycle the discarded material producing a rubber powder that will be used in the production of new rubber mats and other products. Until today, worn rubber mats were thrown away and disposed of in landfills with no recycling possibilities. This highly customized, closed-loop program designed by FTR is the first of its kind to be implemented in the rubber mat industry.

This partnership will allow Andersen to offer customers a take-back program where old mats can be collected and used in the creation of new mats and other rubber products. FTR’s grinding technologies have the ability to customize the size and type of rubber powder manufactured, giving Andersen the opportunity to incorporate a broad range of rubber powders into additional applications without large scale investments.