Wake Forest collaborates with GaiaRecycle

GaiaRecycle™ LLC, a provider of organic waste recycling systems, announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding and launched a comprehensive pilot project with Wake Forest University to evaluate GaiaRecycle’s functionality, performance and operating procedures for processing and diverting on-site food scraps and other organic waste at the university’s campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

During the pilot project, GaiaRecycle is jointly collaborating with Wake Forest University and ARAMARK, its food service management partner, to evaluate the effectiveness of on-site food scraps and organic waste reduction and reuse of the output material. The GaiaRecycle system is being evaluated as a solution for diverting the university’s waste stream that currently goes to a landfill, and converting waste into to a reusable resource for campus landscaping applications.

GaiaRecycle features modular systems and plant-level implementations, ranging from 220 pounds per day to 2 tons per day, with patented technology that accelerates the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding food scraps and organic waste while reducing waste volume and weight by up to 90 percent during its 8 to 11 hours processing cycle. GaiaRecycle also offers an anaerobic digestion solution for producing clean, renewable energy from organic waste to process organic solids with the goal of a zero-impact to landfills.

Wake Forest University’s primary dining facility, managed and operated by ARAMARK, provides meal services three times per day to the campus’ full-time residential students, seven days per week. The GaiaRecycle organic waste recycling system will be used to process the waste stream, and its soil amendment and water output products will be analyzed for possible reuse in the campus composting program and for Wake Forest’s landscaping and community garden use.