New York City mayor signs package of recycling legislation into law

New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed a package of recycling bills that will revolutionize recycling in New York City through a variety of initiatives including expanded plastic recycling, a new clothing and textile recycling program, and improved public space recycling. The package of legislation represents the first significant expansion of the city’s residential recycling program since it was created in 1989. Initiatives are listed below:

Int. 156 – Improves recycling at City agencies by requiring each agency to establish sustainability coordinators and to implement plans to expand recycling with each agency.

Int. 165 – Requires schools to designate a recycling coordinator and provide recycling receptacles in each classroom and at other locations.

Int. 158 – Requires the Department of Sanitation (DOS) to site 300 new recycling bins in public spaces over the next three years, and a total of 700 bins within the next ten years.

Int. 162 – Mandates at least one DOS sponsored household hazardous waste collection event in each borough per year, with a long – term goal of increasing the number of events, or making such sites permanent.

Int. 148 – Expands plastic recycling to cover all rigid plastic containers, including such items as yogurt tubs, take out containers and medicine bottles.

Int. 147 – Improves recycling education, enforcement, and fine increases.

Int. 142 – Extends the DOS collection period from March 1 – November 30 beginning in 2012, and requires DOS to establish leaf and yard waste composting facilities in all boroughs where the Department provides yard waste compost collection.

Int. 141 – Requires DOS to complete a study of commercial recycling practices.

Int. 142 – Establishes a voluntary take back program for retailers and manufacturers of unused residential paint.

Int. 164 – Improves recycling reporting requirements and requires additional studies to enhance the City’s recycling programs.

Int. 171 – Requires a report to study ways to improve food waste composting in New York City.