Textile Waste Solutions receives recycling award

Textile Waste Solutions, Inc. of Santa Barbara, California received the California Resource Recovery Association’s (CRRA) Award for Outstanding “Closing the Loop” Commitment during CRRA’s annual conference.

Textile-Waste Solutions works collaboratively with local thrift stores, non-profits, businesses and local communities to recover post-consumer textile waste. Over 25 million pounds of textiles are either diverted for reuse as clothing in developing countries or converted into various industrial rags for use in the United States. Materials not suitable for rags are further converted to fibers used in noise reduction stuffing. Through their innovative process, the company’s textile recovery rate is 95-98 percent.

CRRA’s Closing the Loop award recognizes businesses and agencies that have implemented an innovative program that features procurement of products that reduce waste, have recycled content and/or are safer alternatives to toxic products. With regard to recycling, “Closing the Loop” refers to purchasing products that are made with post-consumer recycled-content.