Green EnviroTech and Agilyx sign deal
Waste and scrap plastic will be converted to energy

Green EnviroTech Corp., a plastics recovery, separation, cleaning and recycling company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. announced that it has contracted with Agilyx, an alternative energy company that uses patented technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into synthetic crude oil, to resell all oil produced from its recycling process.

Green EnviroTech plans to convert waste and scrap plastic into high-value energy products, including sweet crude oil. Formerly known as Plas2Fuel, Agilyx uses a continuous batch process to convert waste plastics into barrels of synthetic sweet crude oil. The process is scalable, versatile and environmentally positive, and Agilyx has been producing and selling crude oil on the open market for approximately two years.

The agreement allows any and all types of plastic, co-mingled, dirty and/or contaminated materials to be processed in the Agilyx recycling system. Agilyx uses its patent pending process to “decompose” plastics back into hydrocarbons while separating undesirable organics (chlorine, bromine, etc.) entrained in the plastic. This allows for no combustion of waste plastic. Ultimately, ultra clean, “sweet” crude oil is produced, which in turn will be sold to oil refineries.