ECS Refining establishes ecollective network

ECS Refining, a recycling and end-of-life services company that specializes in electronic, industrial equipment and hazardous wastes, is introducing an e-waste recycling initiative called ecollective to facilitate a national solution to a growing problem. The ecollective initiative aims to provide a convenient consumer drop-off location within 10 miles of most households in the United States, for recycling of consumer electronics.

For industry stakeholders such as collectors, electronics manufacturers, retailers and city municipalities, ecollective provides clear integration points to help them accomplish their goals, objectives and requirements for their e-waste take-back programs. In those states that have enacted e-waste legislation, ecollective offers a way for industry participants to better collaborate, but it does not require such legislation to provide an effective e-waste recycling framework.

Electronic waste is fast becoming a top priority for the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just added the disposal of e-waste to a list of the agency’s top four environmental priorities, alongside issues such as climate change, air quality and access to clean water. Ecollective aims to implement a national solution to the problem by leveraging existing infrastructure, implementing best practices and employing public outreach and communication.

Ecollective will drive incremental business to partnering e-waste collectors through integrated marketing programs that direct consumers to the ecollective website, where they can locate a local e-waste collector affiliated with the program. All e-waste collected through the ecollective network will go to ECS Refining facilities, where it will be recycled properly and all data will be securely destroyed, enabling collectors to operate under a national brand that is trusted by consumers.

For manufacturers of consumer electronics, ecollective offers an e-waste recycling program that enables them to achieve regulatory compliance in extended producer responsibility states. The ecollective program can also be tailored to their needs by integrating sales promotions for customers who want to return consumer electronics products to the manufacturer.

Similarly, retailers of consumer electronics and office products are looking for a single, dependable e-waste recycling program to which they can direct their customers, many of whom already are asking what they should do with their electronic products. Ecollective enables retailers to implement a secure e-waste drop-off program that can enhance their existing take-back program.

Ecollective also provides a practical solution for the needs of state, regional and local governments, and other public entities that want to provide their residents with a simple way to responsibly recycle end-of-life electronics.

The ecollective program will initially focus on California, with planned roll-out to other markets with state legislative programs. ECS Refining is currently engaging with state-approved e-waste collectors across California, as well as electronics OEMs, electronics retailers and municipal solid-waste facilities looking to add e-waste collection to their residential refuse pickup.