Redemtech fights illicit European e-waste exports

Despite laws and international treaties that ban export of electronic waste from Europe to developing countries, recent reports have spotlighted how this illicit trade continues to flow freely and devastate the environment in impoverished nations across Africa and Asia. Redemtech, a specialist in IT asset management and Technology Change Management (TCM), is the first company to achieve e-Stewards® Electronic Recycling Certification in Europe – a key advantage toward helping European Union and multi-national organizations ensure environmental responsibility and legal compliance.

E-Stewards is a globally accredited, third-party audited program developed by the Basel Action Network (BAN), with support from environmental groups and industry leaders. E-Stewards is the first certification standard available in Europe that ensures that recyclers do not deposit toxic e-waste in landfills or export it to the developing world.

E-Stewards certification enforces compliance with European WEEE regulations by demanding a level of accountability and audit control that is unprecedented in the industry.

The Redemtech TCM Centre in Surrey, United Kingdom, is the first e-Stewards-certified facility in Europe – and the first outside the United States. “E-waste is an ongoing problem across Europe, and we are committed to delivering solutions of the highest standard for our clients, to ensure an efficient, cost-effective approach to essential due diligence,” said Robert Houghton, president of Redemtech.

While the EU has enacted advanced e-waste disposition policies, laws are not always applied evenly across all member countries and full enforcement is not possible, according to Jim Puckett, executive director of BAN.

“Redemtech has been a long-term advocate for globally responsible electronics recycling and is an e-Stewards Founder,” said Puckett. “With its expanding global presence and focus on reuse of computer equipment, Redemtech enables European enterprises to ensure the highest standards of environmental stewardship.”

Established in Europe in 2002, Redemtech serves large enterprises in a wide range of industries across the United Kingdom and European mainland.

“The e-Stewards standard is consistent with the operating practices we have employed at this facility since its inception,” said Robin Gue, managing director of Redemtech’s European operations. “The certification gives our clients added confidence that their electronic waste is not contributing to the global e-waste problem and is being handled in accordance with all local and international laws.”