Minneapolis businesses required to offer recycling

Most Minneapolis businesses already recycle, but a new ordinance that took effect September 1 requires all businesses in Minneapolis to offer recycling. This expands the recycling requirement that is already in place for all residential property. For businesses that don’t already offer recycling, resources are available to help them set up a new system.

The ordinance puts in place the requirement that all nonresidential properties in Minneapolis that have garbage service will also have recycling service.

To help ensure that every property owner is able to offer recycling and comply with the new ordinance, Minneapolis is working with Hennepin County to provide information and technical assistance to those who need it.

Under the new ordinance, businesses are required to provide:

  • Regular recycling collection (at least twice a month) for all materials generated on-site deemed recyclable in Minneapolis, including paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles and jars.
  • Recycling containers.
  • Recycling collection and storage areas.
  • Written recycling information and instructions sent to tenants or employees annually or posted.
  • A written recycling plan.

The ordinance requires all commercial and business properties to offer recycling.