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Metso’s pre-shredders help clean up waste in Japan’s tsunami region

In April 2012, Metso supplied four M&J Eta PreShred 6000 machines to Kouki Corporation in Japan for the Ishinomaki incineration plant.

The entire plant is located on a pier in Ishinomaki and was established to clean up the area after the tsunami devastated the region on March 11, 2011. Waves surging up to a height of 30 meters and the high water level persisting for about 48 hours left approximately 25 million tons of waste along the 500 km coastline. The coastline has been divided into sections, with Ishinomaki as being the biggest one, and the Ishinomaki government now faces the difficult task to eliminate 7 million tons of waste. This particular waste contains all sorts of debris from the sea, mixed up with structural components of houses and a lot of mud.

The gigantic mass of waste of 7 million tons will be processed by 4 M&J Eta PreShred 6000 machines, employing around 300 persons per shift. Due to the huge amount of mud, the waste density at Ishinomaki is significantly higher than usual. In addition to the Eta PreShred 6000 units, the plant setup includes 6 feeding systems to supply the machines and 1 excavator to even out the waste, conveyed by the feeder belt and sorting lines, on the cutting table in the hopper. Forty workers are needed for the picking line only.

Metso Japan’s customer support manager will provide permanent support for the Ishinomaki plant for the next couple of years, while also being responsible for the other M&J 4000M units installed in the same area in Japan.