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Republic opens world’s largest processing facility

Republic Services, Inc. started operations in the world’s largest recycling facility, which can process up to 110 tons per hour of multiple waste streams. The facility will process all of the commercial waste generated by businesses in San Jose, California. In addition, the facility is expected to divert at least 80 percent of material collected.

Until now, the system for collecting commercial waste was managed by 20 different haulers with 4 to 6 of the haulers providing standard garbage/recycling collection services. Additionally, rates varied widely for similar services and neighboring businesses with less than half of the businesses receiving recycling service. The new program views waste as a resource. It provides standard recycling services for all and introduces the recycling of organics using advanced technology that generates energy from waste.

Republic’s commitment to advancing sustainability continues with the modernization at the company’s 342-acre Newby Island Recycling Complex. The hauling company operates nearly 70 natural gas vehicles and provides wet/dry collection service to all San Jose businesses, and residential and commercial service to the City of Milpitas; commercial and industrial service in the Cities of San Jose and Santa Clara. The landfill recovers landfill gas and features an on-site compressed natural gas fueling station.