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Wicker Park Fest Patrons help recycle 16,000 beer cups

Wicker Park Fest implemented a progressive and successful sustainability plan. Chicago-based Bright Beat, which specializes in large-scale sustainability strategies, staffed “Eco Educators” at each waste disposal station to guide patrons on proper disposal of compostables and recyclables – including the most ubiquitous item found – the beer cup.

Patrons that attended the Wicker Park Fest did their part to keep Chicago beautiful by recycling their #6 rigid polystyrene cups. Bright Beat provided cup-recycling containers throughout the festival that made the process easy and convenient.

Polystyrene has a wide variety of uses, from the large molded blocks used to package electronics, to food service packaging including red Solo cups, foam cups, bowls, and “clamshell” take-out containers. Additional #6 rigid polystyrene products that can be recycled are yogurt containers, CD cases, plastic garden furniture and hangers, to name a few.

Over 16,000 beer, wine and sangria cups were recycled over the course of this 2-day festival that annually draws over 70,000 attendees. Bright Beat made recycling easy and convenient for patrons by placing more than 50 cup-recycling containers up and down Milwaukee Avenue. Once the festival ended, the used cups were taken to Plastic Recycling Inc., in Indianapolis, to be domestically recycled.

This greening program was exclusively sponsored by the WPB SSA #33. In addition to helping patrons recycle their cups, Bright Beat also guided vendors in their sustainable practices. Food vendors were required to use compostable food service items, and compost their food scraps, and the Bright Beat Eco Educators made this effort a reality.