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Earth911 wins recycling forum contest

Earth911, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infinity Resources Holding Corporation, was named the winning entry in The Recycling Innovators Forum contest. The company was recognized for its innovative recycling scanning barcode/QR technology, putting a modern spin on the way consumers might approach the recycling process.

The technology, outlined in a proposal submitted to the forum, would put barcodes on recyclable products that, when scanned with a smartphone, would instruct consumers specifically how and where that product could be recycled.

“Our mission at Earth911 is to help consumers lead a zero-waste lifestyle,” said Brian Dick, CEO of Earth911, Inc. and its parent company Infinity Resources Holdings Corporation. “This is about completely modernizing the way consumers think about recycling.”

Although technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, recycling is still mired in some of the same issues it has faced since the 1970s. Topping that list are consumer confusion and a lack of clarity about what can be recycled or where and how it can be recycled. The product-specific technology proposed by Earth911, Inc., would provide detailed recycling and disposal information, combining an education process with actionable information that could have an immediate impact on the environment.

As the winning proposal in the contest, Earth911, Inc. received a $20,000 honorarium, which will be used to help bring the technology to market.