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Delaware MRF caps $15 million investment

With the grand opening of ReCommunity’s 35th materials recovery facility (MRF), the largest pure-play recycling company in the U.S. launched into a 20 year agreement with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) to operate a state-of-the-art automated recycling facility that will serve the entire state of Delaware.

ReCommunity invested $15 million to repurpose the existing 64,000 sq.ft. facility, also installing new sorting equipment within the Delaware Recycling Center (DRC) to process recyclable aluminum, plastics, paper, cardboard, tin and glass collected from throughout Delaware.

DSWA previously assembled the recyclable materials collected in the state at one of two transfer stations and then transported the material to ReCommunity’s MRFs located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as other MRFs in the surrounding area. The retrofitted facility now keeps the recycling in state, immediately creating 35-plus new jobs in Delaware, which will hopefully increase to 70-plus jobs over time.

The operation and design showcased within the ReCommunity Delaware facility includes advanced automated sorting capabilities that allow identification, separation and recovery of recyclables.

The equipment includes screening, optical sorting, air and controls technology to recover over 90 percent of available recyclables. The facility can process more than 35 tons per hour, with the capacity to handle more than 160,000 tons per year.

At full capacity, ReCommunity Delaware will recover material that will prevent 464,331 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gases from being emitted annually, which is equivalent to removing 85,045 cars from the road each year. It will also save 218,587 cubic yards of landfill space and avoid 1,806,539 gallons of wastewater from getting into landfills.