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Magnolia Environmental completes e-cycling acquisition

Magnolia Environmental Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC, Mississippi’s only R2 certified electronic recycler, has completed their acquisition of Advantage Destruction Services, Inc. (Advantage E-Cycling) of Pearl, Mississippi.

“This acquisition complements our current operations and industry relationships. Together, our companies will have enhanced resources to compete aggressively in the southeastern United States market, while also allowing us to better serve our clients with increased support staff, fleet lines and processing equipment,” said president of Magnolia Data Solutions, Christopher A. Lumaghini.

Electronics are the fastest-growing waste stream that is produced annually around the world with only around 25 percent being recycled. Over 75 percent of this e-waste turns into a toxic waste stream that ends up in landfills or sent to undeveloped countries where it is poorly processed or dumped, posing long-term risks to human health and the environment. Almost all electronic equipment, especially computers and televisions, contain toxic heavy materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury.