Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program Available

AAA Environmental, Inc. has developed a free recycling/recovery program, which can produce a positive cash flow for any business.

The use of ink jet cartridges is increasing rapidly, 92 percent of empty ink jet cartridges (one million every day) end up in landfills…that's 5,000 ton every month. In a response to divert this plastic from our waste stream, AAA Environmental, Inc. has developed a recycling/recovery program for used ink jet cartridges.

This recycling program is simple. Used cartridges are sent in pre-paid postage envelopes, with a personalized barcode on them, to AAA Environmental retrieval center. The company will send a monthly statement of all cartridges received and send money for every good condition cartridge, suitable for remanufacturing, sent to the recycling center.

Free boxes and mail-in envelopes are provided to anyone who wishes to participate in this recycling program. AAA Environmental pays for the shipping containers, protective envelopes, awareness posters and the return shipping costs.

The programs are both economically and environmentally right and provide an excellent opportunity to protect the environment while generating new revenue from the waste stream. For more information, call 630-941-8424.