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Lefort USA Installs First Logger/Shear in United States

Lefort USA delivered their first 1000 Ton Mobile Logger Shear in the United States to Samuels Recycling in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The system comes complete with a diesel and hydraulic drive package and can be operated by remote control from the crane so that a single operator can handle feeding, shearing and removal of material. The machine arrived in the Samuels yard and within 20-minutes was up and operating, shearing material and has been doing so consistently since June of this year.

The 1000 Ton Mobile eliminates the need for expensive installation and foundation costs, yet allows you to process the heavier scrap material that you currently run in your stationary machines.

The mobile unit also allows material to be processed and handled one time and delivered direct to the end user rather than move material to the stationary shear locations.