NAPCOR'S Eastern Regional Office Awards Grants

Charlotte, NC - The Eastern Regional Office of the National Association of PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), located in Asheville, North Carolina, announced the recipients of its 2001 grants for projects that specifically address the need to increase the collection and recycling of PET plastic.

PET is the type of plastic marked with the #1 resin code on or near the bottom of the container, most commonly used to package soft drinks and bottled water. PET plastic containers are increasingly being used at special events, sporting venues and in vending machines.

The two objectives of this year's grant funding were to increase the recycling of individual-sized PET bottles (24 ounces and less) from locations away from the home, and to increase the collection of "custom" PET containers such as mouthwash bottles and pasta sauce jars.

Eastern Regional Director Sandi Childs announced that nine grants were awarded for this third annual funding cycle.

The Anderson County, South Carolina Department of Solid Waste & Recycling received a grant to place 90 recycling containers at Freedom Weekend Aloft, the second largest hot air balloon festival in the U.S.

The Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Solid Waste Department Recycling Division received a grant to conduct a pilot PET bottle recycling program at local high schools, sporting events and festivals in downtown Athens.

The Bartow County Department of Solid Waste - Recycling Division in Cartersville, Georgia, received a grant to expand the collection of iPET bottles at local schools and establish a promotional plan for the program.

The Frederick County Department of Public Works in Winchester, Virginia, received a grant to develop and implement an educational and promotional program to encourage more PET bottle recycling at local drop-off centers.

A grant was awarded to the Georgia Recycling Coalition (GRC) in Atlanta to purchase bookmarks and NAPCOR's PETE's Packs to promote the PET Recycling Small Grants Program, also supported by the soft drink industry and PET carpet manufacturer Mohawk Industries, which encourages communities to recycle more PET bottles.

The Humphreys County, Tennessee Litter Grant and Recycle Committee, a small not-for-profit organization responsible for solid waste education in the community, was awarded a grant to encourage PET bottle recycling in rural Tennessee by providing brochures to residents and developing recycling mascots.

Morehead State University in Kentucky received a grant to establish PET bottle recycling on campus. PET recycling will also be added at City Hall, the County Courthouse and special events in the town of Morehead and Rowan County.

A grant was awarded to the city of Roswell, Georgia, to provide community education and incentives to increase the amount of custom PET bottles recycled at the new community-supported recycling drop-off center.

The University of Virginia in Charlottesville received a grant to provide PET bottle recycling opportunities at bus depots along the main transportation corridor of the campus and to educate students about the collection program.

"There has been tremendous growth in the use of PET plastic packaging at events and special venues which has created the opportunity to increase and improve collection efforts for those containers," explained Childs. "I am pleased to be able to support the efforts of community collection initiatives through the NAPCOR grant program."

The Western and Central Regional offices of NAPCOR also awarded grants during this cycle. For more information about NAPCOR, please visit the NAPCOR Web site at, or call 704/423-9400.

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