NORA Supports 201 Action

Cleveland, OH - John Williams, president of NORA, an Association of Responsible Recyclers, said the NORA board of directors has given its full support and commends President Bush's efforts to safeguard America's steel industry from unfair foreign competition.

According to Mr. Williams, "NORA strongly supports President Bush's initiative to address the severe economic damage to the U.S. steel industry caused by closed markets in foreign countries, government subsidies, cartels, and other private anti-competitive activities."

Mr. Williams, who also serves as president of the Holston Companies, a major oil recycler headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, pointed out that the steel industry has long used legitimate methods of oil and oil filter recycling.

He said, "The steel industry plays a major role in ensuring that, each year, hundreds of millions of gallons of used oil are properly burned as fuel. Many steel mills also reclaim thousands of pounds of steel each year from used oil filters. Without the steel industry, America's landfills would be overflowing with discarded oil filters. The steel industry is essential to a healthy used oil recycling system in the US."

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