PA Waste Industries Association Supports Measures for Improved Transportation Safety

Harrisburg, PA -The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) has joined with representatives of state government, local government, and waste haulers in support of a series of measures aimed at improving the safe transport of waste and compliance with environmental regulations.

"This is an example of the progress that can be achieved when government and the private sector are willing to sit down together and reasonably discuss solutions to problems that everybody is concerned about," said David J. Brooman, special counsel to the PWIA.

Mr. Brooman and Thomas Corbett, assistant general counsel for government affairs of Waste Management, Inc., represented the private waste disposal industry on a task force that also included representatives of the Pennsylvania State Police, the state Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), municipal waste agencies, and the trucking industry.

The task force met over the summer and this week agreed on a set of recommendations to deal with transportation-related issues.

The participants said they would support legislation that would require annual registration of trucks that carry waste to processing or disposal sites, prohibit sites from accepting waste from trucks without valid registration stickers, and give the state the right to revoke the transporter registration of repeat safety and environmental violators.

They said processing and disposal facilities should develop and implement a "transportation compliance plan" that would include provisions for compliance checks, coordination with applicable enforcement agencies on detecting and correcting safety violations, ways to help educate haulers on safety issues and help them comply with applicable requirements, and penalties for repeat violators.

Task force members also recommended twice-a-year statewide training programs on safety and environmental issues for both industry personnel and regulators and the creation and distribution of educational brochures for waste haulers and waste processors.

Mr. Corbett, a former Pennsylvania attorney general, expressed satisfaction that industry and government had been able to find common ground. "Once we started talking, we moved quickly into areas of agreement rather than concentrating on past differences," he said. "The secretary of DEP and the other officials who empowered this process should be commended for their leadership."

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