U.S. Filter Expands Oily Wastewater Processing

Houston, TX - U.S. Filter Recovery Services Incorporated, a subsidiary of Vivendi Environment Company, has expanded its waste oil processing and recycling capabilities with the acquisition of the assets of EarthLiquids. Earth-Liquids' parent filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. The deal, which was finalized in June, includes five recycling facilities in Florida, Louisiana, Delaware, and Maryland.

Currently, U.S. Filter is permitted to increase oily wastewater processing at its plant in Baytown, Texas. The company is studying biological and dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology to process 100,000 gallons a day of oily wastewater.

The project would require two 40,000 gallon tanks, bioreactors, a dissolved air flotation system, and a clarifier.

The company is also studying the replacement of an antiquated dissolved air flotation system with a biological treatment system at its recently acquired former EarthLiquids plant in New Orleans.

U.S. Filter Recovery Services performs processing and recycling services for used oil, oily wastewater, fuel-water mixtures, glycol, and used oil filters.