The Worthiest Task
By Mary E. Hill

After the smoke and dust clears, the task of debris removal from the site of the World Trade Center disaster remains a formidable chore. The 1.2 million tons of twisted steel, cement, and pulverized glass will take up to 6 months to completely clear.

Through the aid of all the major local solid waste removal companies, including Allied Waste Industries, Inc., Waste Management, Inc., and IESI Corporation, the wreckage that stood as high as a 6-story building has slowly diminished. The use of everything from backhoes, front loaders, excavators, and cranes all the way down to shovels were utilized in the task.

Handling the disposal of the waste is another major concern of officials. Investigation into the matter is ongoing and new evidence could be found within the mounds. Investigators need to sift through everything. Division of waste into categories such as hazardous, common, and biological is also of the utmost importance.

With the combined efforts of all involved, this daunting task will come to an end and America can begin to rebuild New York.

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