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November 2004

New Multi-Use Plastic Pallets Use Recycled Resins

Plainfield, IL— Industry demand for plastic pallets continues to escalate as major U.S. shippers switch from wood to plastic. Exporters are leading the changeover due to restrictions made by 90 foreign countries that banned the importation of untreated wood packaging and shipping materials. Higher cost of plastic versus wood is now offset by the additional costs incurred to treat or coat a wood pallet.

RPM’s new multi-use pallet, made from recycled resins, will actually be less expensive than a wood pallet that has to be treated. Plastic is easier to store and transport, and worker injuries due to splintering and gouging are virtually eliminated. Unlike wood, plastic is easy to clean; it’s impervious to contamination and is consistent in weight and size.

A frequently heard complaint about plastic pallets is that they’re slippery. Boxes can slide causing load imbalance and possible product damage. Some plastic pallet manufacturers have provided varieties of surface textures to retard slippage. Unfortunately, they haven’t worked to the satisfaction of most shippers. Even when a plastic pallet’s surface has been scuffed or abraded, loads will slide and shift.

That was before RPM’s innovative multi-use pallet technology was developed. The new pallet will go into production the first quarter 2005 and the company believes that it will eliminate virtually any kind of slippage. The soon-to-be-patented process entails the use of alternative materials imbued into selected surface areas. These non-slip pallets will be very competitively priced and available in several popular sizes and configurations. The company plans to make industrywide announcements of the pallet’s features and low cost in industry media and sales literature.

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