November 2005

NatureWorks achieves greenhouse-gas-neutral polymer

Minnetonka, MN— NatureWorks LLC declared that it will achieve a greenhouse-gas-neutral position for NatureWorks® PLA, making it the first, commercially available greenhouse-gas-neutral polymer in the industry.

The achievement of this milestone will give the corn-derived polymer another competitive advantage versus petroleum-based plastics, such as PET. It offers customers in Europe, Asia and North America a meaningful way to help achieve compliance with the Kyoto Protocol for reduction of greenhouse gases.

NatureWorks will achieve the greenhouse-gas-neutral position through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs), which serve as an offset to cover all of the emissions from the energy used for the production of NatureWorks PLA. The certificates ensure the production of renewable energy in an amount equal to that of the non-renewable energy used by NatureWorks LLC. The net result will be a 68 percent reduction in fossil fuel use compared to traditional plastics.

As a partner in the Green Power Market Development Group, NatureWorks researched a number of alternative energy sources that would allow it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. RECs provide for affordable, pollution-free electricity that does not add to the depletion of natural resources such as coal, oil or gas, or cause environmental damage through resource extraction and transportation.

NatureWorks will be purchasing renewable energy certificates from a variety of United States Midwest projects - including wind, hydro and solar - in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The company will purchase enough certificates to cover projected 2006 production at their manufacturing plant, lactic acid plant in Blair, Nebraska, as well as at its corporate offices in Minnetonka.

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