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November 2006

Ford and BP open hydrogen station in Michigan
BP is working to develop hydrogen fuel stations in Michigan, Florida and California

Ford Motor Company, BP and the City of Taylor opened a new hydrogen station that will fuel a fleet of Ford Focus fuel cell vehicles.

Research into hydrogen, including partnering to begin to build an infrastructure, is part of Ford’s overall efforts to address the challenges of climate change and energy independence.

To meet those challenges, Ford is moving ahead with a range of technological solutions simultaneously, including vehicles such as the Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen internal combustion engines, ethanol, clean diesel and refinements to gasoline based powertrains.

Robert Tompos, City of Taylor EMS Battalion Chief, fuels a Ford Focus - one of the citys fuel cell cars - at the new station.Some of the technologies represent near term solutions, others, such as hydrogen must be viewed as long term options.

The company currently has a fleet of 30 hydrogen powered Focus fuel cell vehicles on the road as part of a worldwide, seven-city program to conduct real world testing of fuel cell technology. The fleet has accumulated more than 300,000 miles since its inception. With this fleet on the ground, a great deal of information is being generated in different local environmental conditions that can be integrated into future control strategies for fuel cell/hybrid propulsion systems.

Having the fleet outside the confines of Ford Motor Company has also allowed the team to gain valuable feedback on servicing vehicles in the field.

As a hydrogen infrastructure is developed and implemented for the fleet at each of its locations, lessons learned are being generated to insure that the customer/H2 fueling interface is seamless and customer friendly.

Ford’s strategy for alternative fuels is built around a portfolio of technologies, including hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen powered internal combustion engines. This flexible approach allows the company to meet goals for customer needs, environmental impact and shareholder interests.

The technology portfolio also includes hybrids, clean diesels, bio-diesels, advanced engine and transmission technologies and E85 ethanol.

BP is working with DOE and its automotive partners to develop hydrogen fuel stations in Michigan, Florida and California. BP also is involved in refueling infrastructure to support fuel cell buses and cars in a number of cities across the world.

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