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November 2006

Pennsylvania announces $6.4 million for clean energy projects

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell announced the State is investing $6.4 million in 16 clean energy projects that will create 316 permanent and up to 280 construction jobs in the commonwealth, as well as to leverage more than $38 million in private funds.

“By partnering with Pennsylvania companies that are advancing solar power, biofuels and other forms of renewable energy, as well as building clean fossil technologies, we are creating opportunities to put Pennsylvanians to work now and for years to come.” said Governor Rendell.

Energy output from the projects, which were approved by the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, will generate an estimated 15,710-megawatt hours of electricity, enough to power about 1,600 Pennsylvania homes, and produce the equivalent of enough natural gas to supply almost 2,500 homes for a year. Another 208,000 million British thermal units (Btu) will be conserved. The projects also have the potential to produce 115-million gallons of biofuel.

The 16 projects will receive grants for a variety of clean fuels and green power projects using sources such as solar, fuel cells, biofuels, landfill gas, wind and biomass.

This funding represents the third round of awards by PEDA, which Governor Rendell revitalized after years of inactivity as part of his strategy to build a clean, indigenous, diversified energy industry in Pennsylvania.

The 16 PEDA projects were evaluated on a variety of criteria, including their ability to promote Pennsylvania’s indigenous energy resources, encourage energy diversity, enhance energy security and improve the environment. The projects were judged on their potential to create jobs and stimulate investment in the state. Technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness also were considered.

This third round of PEDA financing priorities included solar, distributed energy generation for critical public infrastructure and clean, alternative fuels for transportation and other technologies.

Five of the projects include solar power, with a total public-private investment of almost $3.8 million. Two of the projects will spread solar power generation to sites across the commonwealth, raising the awareness of renewable energy and demonstrating the viability of power aggregated from multiple, small-scale sites.

Following is a list of the $6.4 million in grants awarded through PEDA for 16 clean energy projects.

  • HydroGen LLC - $250,000 to install a two-megawatt fuel cell at U.S. Steel’s Mon Valley facility, fueling it using surplus hydrogen-rich gas from coke oven operations.
  • Middle Road Volunteer Fire Department - $51,388 for a 3.2-kilowatt solar power generation system to provide supplemental power and battery backup power to essential functions.
  • Glendale Yearound Water Co. - $150,059 for wind and solar power generators to serve as a backup power system for the community water supplier and wastewater treatment plant, and to cut demand for electricity.
  • Kuchera Defense Systems Inc. - $391,548 to establish a Center for Excellence for Advanced Energy Systems Manufacturing, focusing on fuel cell manufacturing.
  • Clarion Boards Inc. - $100,000 for a BioFilter system to replace a thermal regenerative oxidizer.
  • BioEnergy International LLC - $1 million to construct rail facilities for a $180 million ethanol plant with a capacity of 108-million gallons per year.
  • Benton Area School District - $350,000 for a biomass-fired boiler heating system.
  • Keystone BioFuels Inc. - $500,000 to expand current biodiesel production capacity from 1 million to 7 million gallons per year.
  • Elk Regional Health Center Inc. - $500,000 to install and implement a biomass heating and cooling system that uses wood by-products from nearby state and federal forested lands as fuel.
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority - $299,000 for a 25-kilowatt wind turbine-generator to power pumps on an existing water line.
  • Allentown - $517,045 to install first phase of a solar photovoltaic array at the city’s Bridgeworks facility, a brownfield industrial reuse building.
  • Philadelphia Water Department - $500,000 to install a system to purify biomethane gas generated from sludge.
  • PA Pellets LLC - $325,000 for equipment to make wood pellets from indigenous resources including sawdust and forest thinning by-products.
  • Johnstown Regional Energy LLC - $250,000 to construct landfill gas projects at Southern Alleghenies and Shade Landfills.
  • TRF Sustainable Development Fund - $701,366 for 46 solar photovoltaic systems on buildings in southeast Pennsylvania.
  • Mesa Environmental Sciences Inc. - $491,741 to install solar photovoltaic systems, totaling 120 kilowatts, on 21 farms.

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