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November 2006

California program promotes waste tire recycling

A new California State Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) program, developed to improve California’s waste tire problem will assist tire recyclers and manufacturers by providing nearly $1.8 million in technical and consultative services and equipment grants.

The program provides comprehensive business and market development services, through a two-year $3.85 million contract with the Seattle, Washington-based R.W. Beck, Inc.

The program’s goal is to assist tire recyclers and manufacturers that use recycled tire rubber substantially improve their operational efficiencies and increase sales, thereby increasing the diversion of tires from landfills.

The Board has found that many tire recycling operations frequently reach a level of business at which they stagnate and are unable to fully take advantage of expanding markets for recycled rubber products.

Under contract with Beck, the Board will pay for more than $1.25 million worth of technical and consultative assistance and $515,000 of necessary equipment to 19 California-based companies throughout the state.

Waste tire recycling businesses that might otherwise have not been able to afford such services can receive professional assistance with business plan development, asset management, website development, manufacturing process optimization, product testing and similar activities. The services give tire recycling businesses tools to manage their operations and plan for future growth.

The following businesses received awards and grants for equipment:

  • Ag Link, Inc., Ballico - $10,000
  • CRM Co., Compton -$175,000
  • EcoTerra Global Limited, King City - $50,000
  • Golden By-Products, Inc., Ballico - $165,000
  • Huffco Manufacturing LLC, Stockton - $125,000
  • Martin’s Air Conditioning, Inc. dba American Tire-Tec, Wasco - $55,000
  • Millennium Molding, Inc., Riverside - $50,000
  • Modular Rubber Drains, Inc., Goshen - $175,000
  • Progressive Design Play- grounds, Oceanside - $50,000
  • RCL Manufacturing, Stockton - $50,000
  • Recycled Tire Surfaces, Inc., Corona - $50,000
  • Rubbersidewalks, Gardena - $50,000
  • Shamrock Recycling of California, Inc., Stockton - $115,000
  • Three D Plastics, Inc. dba Three D Traffic Works, Burbank - $175,000
  • U.S. Rubber Recycling, Inc., Riverside - $175,000
  • United Sports Surfacing of America, Inc., Irvine - $22,500
  • Van Duerr Industries, Inc. dba Safe Path Products, Chico - $50,000
  • Waste Tire Products R&D, Orland - $50,000
  • West Coast Rubber Recycling, Inc., Gilroy - $175,000

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