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November 2006

Dallas Contracting salvages wood from old buildings

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. recently completed the dismantlement and salvage of wood from numerous old buildings in Newark, New Jersey. The dismantlement scope is a smaller portion of a larger total chemical plant demolition project.

An engineering estimate was conducted on the wood beam and plank buildings for salvage value of the yellow pine timbers and it was decided that saving of the wood made economic sense. The salvaged wood materials can be sold.

It was also an environmentally conscientious decision as wood materials would be reutilized instead of transported to a landfill for disposal.

Nearly 100,000 feet of wood board was recovered from the demolished buildings.

The buildings to be dismantled consisted of five 100+ year old, multi-story buildings with an approximate footprint of 75,000 square feet.

Each of the buildings was constructed similarly and composed of brick walls, wood plank floors, wood support beams and timbers and a wooden roof. It was determined that the wood building materials were composed of a mix of short leaf and long leaf Yellow Pine and some Douglas Fir.

A dedicated crew was utilized to dismantle the buildings with a separate crew dedicated to preparation and loading of the bundled salvaged wood materials.

Nearly 100,000 board feet of salvaged wood materials were reclaimed from the buildings. The reclaimed timbers and planking were either milled into new timbers or new flooring.

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