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November 2006

Scrap tire and waste rubber expands into new markets

Ecser Holding Corp, a developer of rubber recycling technologies, has introduced a process that could greatly expand the market for scrap tire and waste rubber.

Building on their patented Counter-Cure, which allows waste rubber to be substituted for virgin material in a master batch, Ecser has created a material with an absorption capacity of six times its own weight and potential uses outside of the traditional crumb rubber markets.

The new process, called Spill-Cure, is mainly used for oil absorption, but may be used for other chemicals.

It mixes easily, and so would have applications in the oil and gas drilling industries. Environmentally speaking, Spill-Cure is non-toxic and in a marine oil spill situation, it remains floating on the surface of the water for easy collection. After it has been collected, the oil, crude and refined alike, can be extruded to be cleaned and reused.

The leftover rubber product, called Saturated Spill-Cure, has use in other applications such as landscaping, construction and as an insulation product. This will eliminate landfilling and completes the recycling circle.

Spill-Cure’s oil absorbing properties are useful in more places than marine or terrestrial oil spills. It can be inserted into pipe sleeves, or be used in pillows under or around gasoline holding tanks, which would help reduce the amount of fuel being leaked into the soil or water in a marine situation.

Spill-Cure is a process that many people could make use of. Ecser’s business model is to license the technology to companies that process large quantities of rubber. The process itself involves targeted destruction of rubber’s vulcanization grid through a chemical modifier.

Ecser discloses that its process is simple enough to be implemented in nearly any rubber manufacturing facility by employing standard milling and extrusion machinery. The company expects that crumb rubber manufacturers, compounders, and rubber recyclers can use the Spill-Cure process to explore new markets for scrap rubber.

For more information, visit Ecser’s website at

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