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November 2007

Haworth receives green building design award

Haworth Inc., a designer and manufacturer of workspace environments based in Holland, Michigan, recently received a “Lifecycle Building Challenge” award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
The company was recognized for its green building ideas that reduce environmental and energy impacts of buildings.

A major building renovation at Haworth headquarters salvaged more than 99 percent of construction materials through reuse and recycling. Some 321 tons of steel were recycled, 75 workstations were donated, door locksets were removed intact and reused in other facilities, and over 58,000 pounds of carpet tiles were removed or recycled.

The “Lifecycle Building Challenge” invited professionals and students nationwide to submit designs and ideas that support cost-effective disassembly and reuse of building materials.

It is estimated that building renovation and demolition accounts for 91 percent of the construction and demolition debris generated each year.

Lifecycle building maximizes material recovery to reverse the trend of disposing of large quantities of construction and demolition debris in landfills. Reusing building components also reduces energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing and transporting materials.