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November 2007

The Jacoby Group enters Atlanta landfill deal

Jacoby Energy Development, Inc. (Jacoby Energy) announced that it has executed a contract to turn Live Oak Landfill into a source for alternative energy. A public-private partnership of Jacoby Energy, Waste Management, DeKalb County and Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) will be the first methane recovery to natural gas project in the state.

In this partnership, Jacoby Energy will recover the methane from Live Oak Landfill, process it by removing contaminants through a cleaning process, and pump it into AGL’s pipeline network providing a renewable methane gas to AGL customers. While other processes are used to burn methane recovered from landfills to generate energy, this is only the ninth facility in the country and the second in the Southeast to pump methane through a commercial pipeline-a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Live Oak Landfill, located on the south side of Atlanta between Fulton and DeKalb Counties, was accepting more than 1.2 million tons of trash per year before it was closed in December 2004. The new system, to be employed by Jacoby Energy, will not only end the need to burn the methane, but it will convert the gas into usable energy.