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November 2007
 When the City of Berkeley decommissioned traffic lights, Vetrazzo used the red lenses in this limited edition countertop.

Versatility in recycled glass

In today’s market where sales of green building products are growing by 30 percent a year, many companies claim that their product is environmentally sound. The makers of Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops are redefining what it means to be green, by producing the most eco-friendly surface materials on the market.

Vetrazzo believes that a green product should do more than just use recycled materials or avoid the release of dangerous airborne toxins — it should solve an environmental problem. Vetrazzo does that by creating a new market for waste glass, including glass that cannot be recycled into other products.

Each countertop panel is made from 550 pounds of crushed recycled glass from traffic lights, windshields and beverage bottles. In 2007, Vetrazzo transformed over 250 tons of recycled glass, including 125 tons not recyclable elsewhere, into beautiful, functional surface products.

Vetrazzo offers a “green alternative to natural stone” like granite and marble, which come with a steep environmental price tag.

Vetrazzo wanted to do more than make a green countertop, they wanted it to be beautiful, durable, and distinctive.