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November 2007

Virginia to stop out-of-state waste

The Virginia Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) will stop accepting out-of-state garbage by next summer.

SPSA’s board of directors voted six to two to cancel all contracts for out-of state trash while giving vendors until the end of June, 2008 before stopping completely.

Most wastes coming into the state were shipped in from New York and North Carolina. The agency receives approximately $1 million a year in revenues from out-of-state sources.

Last year, SPSA was in negotiations with Covanta to import 2,500 tons per day into Portsmouth, but that deal eventually collapsed amid protests from environmentalists and residents.

SPSA intends to continue taking “out-of-area” wastes, mainly from Richmond and the Peninsula, according to Felicia Walker Blow, a spokeswoman for the SPSA. The agency also receives about $1 million per year in revenues from these “out-of-area” wastes.

Approximately 7.3 million tons of trash was imported into Virginia in 2006, mostly from Maryland, New York, and Washington DC.