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November 2007

Waste Management and Cedar Grove Organics help reduce and recycle waste

Waste Management and Cedar Grove Organics Recycling have partnered with Pacific Place in downtown Seattle on a recycling program called Erasing Waste at Pacific Place.

The new program will help the shopping center reduce its carbon footprint, reducing total green house gases by 2,300 tons each year. The environmental benefits of this program are equal to taking 500 passenger vehicles off the road each year, producing electricity to power 300 households for one year or saving 265,500 gallons of gasoline.

The program is expected to divert over 1,000 tons of material from the landfill each year by making recycling easy for shoppers and tenant employees. Erasing Waste at Pacific Place has three components: Shopper awareness, employee training and clearly marked containers for collection of recyclables.

In addition, Pacific Place will add recycling collection containers at each of its 50 stores, restaurants and movie theatre. Organic materials will be collected at restaurants, coffee service areas and food stores. Organics include food, food soiled paper and coffee grounds. Plastic bottles and cans will be collected from public areas and stores. Cardboard and paper will be collected at all stores and service areas.

Cedar Grove, as the local organics recycling leader, accepts food scraps, fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee grounds, filters, teabags, kitchen paper towels, uncoated paper takeout containers, pizza delivery boxes, plants, wood pallets, and landscape vegetation and turns this waste into nutrient-rich compost.