Bailout includes incentives for waste-to-energy

The Economic Stimulus Bill HR1424, more commonly referred to as “The Bailout”, brought with it incentives for renewable energy production that will have an impact on the deployment of biomass and waste-to-energy conversion technologies. At the second international Energy from Biomass and Waste (EBW) Exposition & Conference on October 14, 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, professionals from the power production and waste management business met to discuss policy, market trends and new projects.

The bill provides authorization of $2 billion dollars of new Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) for facilities producing electricity from resources including all types of biomass, landfill gas, and trash combustion. It further extends the biodiesel Production Tax Credit (PTC) for three years, expanding the field to include non-vegetable oil diesel producers, and includes a continuation of E85 station and fossil-free alcohol PTCs. For cellulosic ethanol facilities that are placed into operation before January 1, 2013 the bill provides a 50 percent cost write off.

At the EBW Expo over 70 local and international organizations were present to exhibit their products and services, highlighting the latest in sustainable energy production and safe waste handling. Conference topics covered techniques, investment and finance, policy and regulation, and work development.