Call2Recycle announces 2008 award winners

Call2Recycle announced the recipients of the eighth annual “Recycling Leadership Awards”. The Recycling Leadership Awards recognize Call2Recycle’s community and public agency program participants for their efforts in rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling.

The following groups were nationally recognized participants in the program:

King County, Washington Solid Waste Division; Seattle, Washington – Since its enrollment in 2003, King County Solid Waste Division has recycled more than 33,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries through the Call2Recycle program, with more than 8,000 pounds collected this past year alone.

Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority; Essex County, Ontario, Canada – More than 9,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries have been collected during Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority’s seven-year tenure with the program. The success of Essex-Windsor’s rechargeable battery recycling efforts has resulted in a continual year-over-year increase in collection results, with more than 4,000 pounds collected in 2007.

The following groups were recognized on a regional level for their participation in the Call2Recycle program:

Washington County Household Hazardous Waste Program; St. Paul, Minnesota – Ongoing community involvement has helped Washington County’s Household Hazardous Waste Program collect more than 8,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries since joining Call2Recycle in 2000. Through successful public education campaigns and partnership with, the county collected almost 2,500 pounds of rechargeable batteries last year.

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority; Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Almost 30,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries have been recycled since the county first received an award in 2002. A participant since 2001, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority recycled more than 5,300 pounds of rechargeable batteries last year.

Fort Hood, Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division; Fort Hood, Texas – The United States Army Fort Hood base has recycled more than 14 tons of rechargeable batteries during its 5 years of participation in Call2Recycle. Base employees are provided with instructional pamphlets for recycling processes and conforming battery chemistries to fortify the integrity of the collection program, resulting with nearly 7,000 pounds of batteries collected in 2007.

Florida Division of Blind Services Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services; Daytona Beach, Florida – As one of the largest users of rechargeable batteries in the Southeast, the Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services has had a significant positive impact on the environment by keeping more than 4,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries out of the landfills in just the last year.