Foam recycling facilities approved

Blue Earth Solutions, Inc. has been granted approval on its second of a series of planned municipal bond offerings nationwide for the construction of StyroSolveâ„¢ foam recycling facilities. The Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) board of directors approved two resolutions agreeing to issue bonds for Blue Earth Solutions in Harris and Dallas Counties. Each inducement resolution was in the amount of $10 million.

As soon as Blue Earth Solutions has approval from the Secretary of State, Gulf Coast WDA will file for state cap from the Bond Review Board. Blue Earth Solutions and Jesup & Lamont Securities are finalizing the details in connection with the approval and sale process for each of these bond offerings.

In addition to being granted approval on its second series of bond offerings the Company announced that it has also secured two new foam waste supply contracts within the Orlando market from Foam By Design, Inc. and Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc.