Irish company’s RFID waste management technology comes to the United States

According to an announcement made by Enterprise Ireland, Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems (AMCS) will deploy its radio frequency identification (RFID) waste management tracking solution in the United States market for the first time.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are employed throughout the United States to track waste output and encourage recycling.

Customers can use the RFID technology to enhance their efforts to accelerate recycling rates across the States, as well as enable them to accurately charge people for the amount of waste they generate.

“Increasing recycling rates requires the deployment of creative new strategies and technologies in the waste management industry,” said Austin Ryan, business development director of AMCS. “We have developed a suite of advanced waste management tracking solutions that are bringing new efficiencies to waste management activities in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Now, we’re enthusiastic to bring this technology to the United States. America represents a great opportunity for us to grow our business, while simultaneously helping United States companies and consumers improve their efficiencies and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.”

In the States, AMCS technology will be leveraged by municipalities and private waste collectors to advance a program that has been credited with more than doubling community recycling rates. In the program, an RFID chip is placed in each recycling bin. When the bin is weighed, it communicates with back-office information management systems, allowing the company to track the recycling activity of individual residents. The technology can also be used to charge residents and commercial customers for the exact amount of waste they send to the landfill.

In addition to its RFID technology, the company is actively working with Enterprise Ireland – the Irish government agency responsible for the development and global promotion of world-class Irish companies – to make its other technologies available to the American market.