WM Recycle America commits to E-Stewards Pledge

Waste Management Recycle America announced its commitment to adopt the Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship for the dismantling and recycling of electronics waste.

Signatory companies of the pledge are required to prevent hazardous e-waste from entering municipal incinerators or landfills; to prevent the export of such e-waste to developing countries; and to provide visible tracking of e-waste throughout the product recycling chain. The pledge confirms that the company will conduct its electronics recycling programs transparently and in accord with rigorous environmental and worker safety standards.

“We are thrilled to see Waste Management Recycle America choose to commit itself to these rigorous environmental and social criteria and differentiate themselves markedly from the vast majority of irresponsible companies now pretending to be reputable electronics recyclers,” said Sarah Westervelt of the Basel Action Network.

To encourage consumers to dispose of electronic devices in an environmentally sound manner, WM Recycle America has partnered with Sony and LG Electronics, two of the nation’s largest consumer electronics brands, allowing their customers to drop off for free all of their Sony, LG, Zenith or GoldStar branded electronics waste at more than 150 eCycling drop-off centers across the country.