FTR Polymetrics launched by tire recycler

Florida Tire Recycling Inc. (FTR), an environmental solutions provider, announced the launch of FTR Polymetrics, a company subsidiary focused on producing ultra-fine recycled rubber powders in 80 mesh, 140 mesh and 200 mesh sizes.

FTR Polymetrics collects and prepares 100 percent of its feedstock through closed-loop programs with customers, ensuring the highest level of quality, consistency, repeatability, and traceability in its powders.

Rubber powder can be used as a substitute for petroleum-based materials in numerous manufacturing processes and can help to reduce manufacturers’ waste and carbon footprint.

“There are more than 300 million tires discarded in the United States every year and each of those tires can be recycled and reused in a myriad of manufacturing applications,” stated Anthony Cialone, chief operating officer at Florida Tire Recycling.