CloudBlue awarded e-Stewards Certification for sustainable electronics recycling

CloudBlue Technologies, Inc., a provider of e-waste management services has received the e-Stewards Certification by the Basel Action Network (BAN) for its six processing facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia, Chandler, Arizona, Indianapolis, Indiana, Joliet, Illinois, Pine Brook, New Jersey, and Sterling, Virginia. The e-Stewards Certification is the world’s most rigorous independent e-waste certification program and is awarded only to e-waste providers who pass an extensive independent audit process.

By achieving the certification, CloudBlue has demonstrated that the company’s e-waste management services meet and exceed the complete list of e-Stewards regulations. Certified e-Stewards requirements include:

  • Prohibition of toxic waste disposed of in solid waste landfills.
  • Full compliance with international hazardous waste treaties.
  • Social accountability ensuring fair labor practices, including elimination of prison labor in the recycling of toxic and data-sensitive electronics.
  • Extensive baseline protections for recycling workings in every country worldwide.
  • A certified Environmental Management System (EMS) for maintaining environmental and occupational health and safety policies.
  • Strict management of downstream vendors to promote compliance throughout the recycling chain.
  • Reporting of all incoming and outgoing weights through Mass Balance Accounting (MBA) policies to ensure accountability and visibility of all e-waste received and processed.

In addition to e-Stewards operations requirements, CloudBlue ensures complete transparency for customers while managing all logistics of IT asset disposal from pick-up to recycling or refurbishing. Customers are able to track each item online and receive a comprehensive audit detailing the process and end result of all equipment. Its distributed operations model and exclusive-use trucks limit transportation between pickup and processing locations.