CNG acquires Parsons’s fine paper division

Central National-Gottesman Inc. (CNG) announced that its Lindenmeyr Munroe division has acquired the assets and business of Frank Parsons’s fine paper division, one of the mid-Atlantic region’s independent paper merchants. The purchase includes Frank Parsons’s entire fine paper operation, which serves seven United States markets and consists of locations in or near Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, Lynchburg, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Also included in the sale are six wholesale paper stores.

Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Purchase, New York, Central National-Gottesman Inc. is an international marketer of pulp and paper. The company has sales offices in 28 United States cities and 20 countries worldwide. The company’s sales of pulp and paper exceed $3.5 billion annually.