Can Manufacturers Institute debuts new recycling campaign

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) plans to launch a new education and marketing campaign. Highlighting the benefits of recycling steel and aluminum cans, the campaign encourages consumers to “Pass It On.”

The campaign showcases the can industry’s commitment to sustainability as well as the breadth and scope of recycling efforts. For example, in 2008, 82 million tons of steel were recycled; for comparison, the Golden Gate Bridge was created using 83,000 tons of steel. In addition to print and interactive online ads, the campaign includes a recycling facts quiz.

The launch of the sustainability initiative comes as the United States recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans hit 58 percent last year – the highest rate in more than a decade and double that of any other beverage container. Steel food cans had a recycling rate of 66.8 percent, an all-time record.

Recycled material in aluminum beverage cans results in 95 percent less energy and produces 95 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than creating cans from virgin materials. Steel recycling saves enough energy each year to electrically power almost 18 million households. Can recycling is quick and efficient, returning cans to store shelves in as little as 60 days.