EcoLogic biodegredation additives utilized in Argentina

EcoLogic, a company creating and providing environmentally responsible solutions globally for plastics, announced that the company’s Eco-One additives for enhancing biodegradation of plastics are being used by La Primera de Cuyo, a manufacturer of flexible packaging in Argentina, in a new line of polyethylene plastic bags.

These new plastic bags were unveiled at an event in Mendoza, Argentina. During a presentation, Licenciado Fernando Retamales, production manager of La Primera de Cuyo, discussed the advantages of the material innovation. As with all products made with Eco-One, in accordance with ASTM D5511, the plastic bags will undergo significant biodegradation in biologically active landfills, breaking the plastic down into nutrient rich soil and natural gases, which can be captured for energy creation. The product technology offers a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags while not adversely impacting normal product performance or the physical properties of the polyethylene bag.