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Greenstar expands carton recycling to six markets

Greenstar Recycling has expanded its carton recycling program to include six markets. Communities across the country are continually pursuing ways to expand their recycling streams and divert waste from costly landfills. The inclusion of new items in local recycling streams decreases waste volumes, increases recycling volumes, and can even create revenue. Through cooperative efforts with the Carton Council, Greenstar has helped six cities across the country expand their recycling offerings by adding carton recycling capabilities. The Carton Council is a group of united carton manufacturers that deliver long term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill.

Cartons are food and liquid containers made of paper, a thin layer of plastic and sometimes a thin aluminum lining. This includes milk and juice cartons found in the refrigerated case or cartons merchandised on non-refrigerated shelves, containing products such as juice, soy, broth, soup, wine and meal replacement beverages.

To maximize carton recycling, several of Greenstar’s facilities installed new processing equipment. This equipment is able to recognize cartons and separate them from other items in the stream. Once separated, the cartons are baled and shipped to end users who break them down to create new paper products.

Greenstar’s carton recycling markets include:

  • Akron, Ohio
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • San Antonio, Texas