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Balcones Resources opens recycling facility in Texas

Balcones Resources Inc., an independent recycling company in the southwest United States, celebrated the opening of its new material recovery facility (MRF). The facility is located at 9301 Johnny Morris Road, a 10-acre site in northeast Austin.

The $25 million MRF incorporates state-of-the-art machinery and technology, allowing it to process 25 tons of single stream recyclables per hour. It represents the largest capital investment by a privately held recycling company in the State of Texas, and one of the most significant in the U.S. Additionally, the facility was designed so that it can easily be expanded as Balcones’ partnership with the city grows. Balcones already handles a large portion of the city’s commercial recycling and in October, processed 60 percent of the city’s residential curbside recycling material.

The site of the new facility has access to a rail line that runs from Austin throughout the country and internationally, allowing Balcones to contribute to a reduction in the area’s carbon emissions by using rail cars to ship a substantial portion of its products.