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Coca-Cola invests in European recycling facility

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) invested in two new initiatives aimed at improving recycling behavior and infrastructure, as part of its efforts to become a low-carbon, zero-waste business.

CCE is establishing a new joint venture in France with PET recycler APPE to boost the capacity of its plastics reprocessing facility by 70 percent. This will recycle 20,000 additional tons of plastic into food-grade packaging per year. CCE is also funding a unique research partnership to explore how consumer behavior change strategies can improve at-home recycling rates in Great Britain and France, ensuring more bottles enter the recycling stream.

While consumers express strong beliefs related to recycling, at-home recycling rates do not reflect their intent. Of consumers polled at the 2012 Olympics Games, 79 percent claimed to always recycle plastic bottles at home, yet national data shows that recycling rates are much lower.

The research program will seek to define interventions which can overcome this gap between belief and behavior. It will be delivered in partnership with the University of Exeter and will be based upon in-depth, ethnographic research with households in Great Britain and France over a ten-month period.

CCE will invest 6.5 million Euros to establish a new joint venture in France with leading PET recycler APPE. The JV will invest in a new line at APPE’s existing recycling facility in Beaune, France and fund the trial and introduction of state-of-the-art technology, enabling more efficient recycling.