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Blue Box to include extra plastics

In a recent report prepared for the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) and Emterra Environmental by Entec Consulting Ltd, findings show that when households are provided with an adequate supply of see-through bags participation is 72 percent greater and the packaging captured is nearly doubled.

The Blue + 2 pilot project was a collaborative multi-stakeholder project that was designed to assess the implications of adding recyclable empty plastic bags and overwrap (plastic film) and foam packaging (PS foam) to an existing curbside recycling program in British Columbia.

The City of Langley pilot area residents were able to quickly participate in the recycling pilot project. The collection system was not adversely impacted and virtually took no added time.

One of the operational findings was that the majority of the bags collected were received intact on the tipping floor of the material recovery facility. In the city of Langley’s case, these materials could be added to the current recycling program without additional collection vehicles.