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Volunteers remove 6.7 million pounds of litter in cleanup effort

PennDOT secretary Barry J. Schoch lauded the efforts of the more than 141,000 volunteers who cleaned 13,589 miles of roads, trails and shorelines in this year’s Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania.

“The department is very thankful for the thousands of people who turned out this year to beautify Pennsylvania,” Schoch said.

There were 4,421 reported cleanup events statewide. Volunteers in PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program accounted for 3.6 million of the 6.7 million total lbs. of trash collected during the cleanup. The 77,786 participating Adopt-A-Highway volunteers cleaned 10,961 of the total roadway miles.

According to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, PennDOT’s partner in the cleanup effort, the effort has yielded 25.9 million lbs. of collected litter and cleaned 44,030 miles of roadway with the help of 487,673 volunteers over the past 3 years.

PennDOT requires that Adopt-A-Highway volunteers complete four cleanups per year, and the groups were encouraged to join in the cleanup effort. The 7,000 groups in the Adopt-A-Highway program have 2-year commitments and have adopted 16,110 roadway miles. In 2011, PennDOT spent more than $10.6 million for litter pickup with department staff.

PennDOT provides gloves, trash bags and safety vests for Adopt-A-Highway and Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania groups. Supplies were also provided by Keep America Beautiful and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).