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Mattress Firm partners with Sleep Inc. for recycling

When we hear about recycling, the first things we tend to think of are paper, plastic and glass. As many businesses become more eco-friendly, it can be hard to keep track of what you can and can’t recycle. Many consumers don’t know that mattresses can be recycled. In fact, one company in Texas recycled over 60,000 mattresses and box springs last year.

Where does it go?

Sleep Inc, is a family-owned bedding company that has taken the steps to approach an industry-wide problem. Each year, over 30 million beds go into landfills.

The Dream Green program not only addresses environmental issues but also an all too common bedding industry issue – what to do with old mattresses.

The biggest misconception about mattress recycling is that it literally means taking an old mattress and making it new again. What many don’t know about mattress recycling is that none of the materials are reused for bedding purposes. Sleep Inc. takes mattresses and foundations and breaks them down to their core components. These are then ground or shredded and repurposed for many other industries.

Mattress Firm has partnered with Sleep, Inc. in their Dream Green program. Currently, all Mattress Firm locations in the state of Texas participate.

The recycling program is very easy to execute. Mattresses and foundations are picked up and transported to the recycling facility where Sleep Inc. takes care of the rest. So what do you get from recycling 60,000 mattresses? Over 8 million pounds of raw material including metal, plastic, foam, mattress scraps, cardboard, cotton and wood chips.

Dream Green’s program is just the beginning to an eco-friendly approach within the bedding industry. In June, Connecticut passed the nation’s first extended producer responsibility mattress recycling law. This will require that the mattress industry assembles a council to organize and manage a mattress recycling program.

Helping to keep used mattresses out of the marketplace and landfills is a priority for the bedding industry. The International Sleep Products Association played a role in formulating the bill.