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Allied Reprocessing reopens facility after fire

Commercial plastics recycling company Allied Reprocessing has reopened its doors after its building was destroyed in a fire last November.

Owned and operated by Will Douglas, Allied Reprocessing has resumed operation in a 100,000 sq.ft. production facility located in Ripley, Tennessee.

The new facility contains state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, doubling both recycling efficiency and capability.

The new plant specializes in recycling chrome-plated plastics and will continue to help manage waste for businesses all over the mid-south.

“We now have the capability to recycle 25 million pounds per year, whereas before we could only sustain approximately ten million pounds per year,” Douglas said.

While Allied Reprocessing has currently hired back 7 employees, Douglas said he hopes to employ 30 to 50 more in the coming year.

With two million dollars already invested in equipment and infrastructure, he says he plans to invest another two million over the next year and is eager to resume full production.

Allied Reprocessing expects to be back at full-operation by the end of this calendar year.